When Lessons Come Back Full Circle



Sometimes what we teach others comes back and teaches us.
When my oldest grand was younger, we started a practice of reviewing the happenings of the time we spent together.
We hoped to instill a practice that would encourage her awareness, appreciation, and gratitude for whatever she experienced in life.
After a day’s adventure, I’d say, “Kaileigh, look at all the wonderful things we experienced today!”
Then I asked her what she remembered, what she liked best, and why.
I enjoyed listening to what she thought was important to her.
One time, she mentioned feeding the animals at the zoo and watching the funny monkeys jabbering and hanging upside down.
Another, she liked walking in the park and taking pictures of things that caught our attention.
The practice of reviewing and reliving what we did was like wrapping the day in a gift package and tying it with a bow.
Almost always, our review evoked a genuine appreciation for the day’s experience and gratitude for sharing it.
On another occasion, years later, we created another special day.
At the day’s end, she looks at me and says, “Nana, what a great day we had! Thank you! Look at all we did today! My favorite part was visiting Little Italy because I like artists’ blown glass, jewelry, and clothes. What was yours?”
This time she helped me recall the good of the day we shared.
In her presence, I told her how thankful I was for the day’s activities and especially, what being able to spend time with her meant to me.
We may not know which lessons we teach will stick and which won’t, but it is a gift and a blessing when they come full circle.
“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalms 118:24
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