Insights and Tools to Tuck in the Back Pocket of Your Mind and Heart and Change Your Life

Welcome Life Creators!

You may be a working mom, a stay at home parent, an entrepreneur, a student, an artist, a retiree or teacher.

    You share common threads – 

You see yourself as a creator, not a victim.    

You know you are responsible for creating the outcomes of your life.                                

You have a strong faith.      

You know your life could be MORE and you are seeking tools on how to do life with greater joy and less struggle.

Chances are you are looking for…

I want to change the way things have been.  How do I live my best life in ways that matter to me and makes a difference to others?

I want to deepen my relationship with God and live a life with more soul and greater balance.

I’d like tools to help my kids respect themselves and others, make good choices and resist negative influences and not cave.

I’d like ways to connect with my kids and make us stronger together.

How to Do Life Resources for you…



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How to use three tools to get clear, overcome the overwhelm, and make positive choices.

How to ease your mental, emotional and spiritual wear and tear and lift discouragement using the power of your mind and imagination to create the change you desire.

How to break through the emotional log jam and regain flow and energy.

How to stress-less and energize mind using the “7 Breaths’ Technique.”

How to lighten your burden with “It’s only extra” Quick-Check list

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Life tools to help you help your kids …

Connect through reading

Establish foundation of values

Set Moral Compass

Inspire creativity

Learn critical thinking skills

Strengthen faith and live according to law.

And more…

Nana Says’ Inspiration

For many years, I observed the character development of a young woman who was taught principles and philosophy of Dr. Edna Lister, minister, author and international lecturer.

Mentored, encouraged and given honest feedback and hard lessons on how to do life – its joys, responsibilities and laws – she was held accountable to God’s Gold Standard of behavior and values.

She blossomed spiritually, emotionally and materially and possesses the soul qualities of honor, loyalty, compassion and integrity.


Nana Says Studio- How to Do Life is offered in the spirit of this kind of mentorship.

Our mission is to provide a God-Centered foundational heritage of life tools and lessons to put in the back pockets of your mind, heart and soul and change your life.

May these tools be shared through generations so you and families grow up into the Light and become what you were designed to be.



Edna Lister, 1884 –1971

The insights, principles and many tools of this website are from the incomparable work of Dr. Edna Lister, the original Pioneering Mystic, minister, teacher and international lecturer whose seminal thinking, forms my best ideas and and is core to Nana Says’ mission.

If you like what you read and want to delved more deeply into philosophy, science, mysticism, metaphysics and psychology of life, go to ViaChrista.Org, a how to manual for the soul.