Lessons I Learned from Mom about How to Meet Transitions with Grace


Moms get a lot of blame and some things they just do right.
You might be a son or daughter who went through a phase where you listed all the things your mom did which you judged as unfair, and some, just plain wrong.
Or you may be a mom who has experienced times when, in someone else’s view, you were the cause of just about everything. And, don’t you know, if it weren’t for you, magic would happen and a perfect life would just plop into place! LOL.
Yep, moms do get a lot of blame and some things they just do right!
Most of us want to make a difference in life. Frequently, though, we do not realize the impact we make in the lives of others. Nor do we know when in life that happens as in mom’s impact as she made her transition.
As typical of many mother-daughter relationships, we had moments of closeness and times of tension. At the end of her life, as odd as it may seem, she taught much about how to manage transitions.
Lesson 1 – There is only one way out—through it.
I read this phrase many years ago from a source I no longer recall. But during my mom’s transition, business tasks called for my attention, people were waiting for return phone calls, deadlines needed to be met and household chores needed attending, but there was no hurrying time. Time moved in slow motion. A task that might have taken an hour, took four. Mental space outs overpopulated my days.
I found you cannot lasso change, but you can choose your response to it.
Transitions require our psychological and spiritual adaptation to change. Many people experience that the passing and pace of time appears to slow down during transitions so you can integrate and move through all the in-between steps from resistance to acceptance and ultimately to adaptation.
Then what happens is – you reclaim your energy and your desire to engage, to become involved in this glorious, messy, and yes, sometimes frustrating experience called life.
Tip: Consider not fighting it. Instead, try surrendering to God and His plan and discovering the peace of letting things take their course.
It is helpful to avoid forcing things to happen “faster.” Accept that moving through it, will take as long as it takes.
You might save much wear and tear on your mind, body, and soul if you adopt this mantra, and a favorite of another mom, Elaine Felman —It is as it is as it is.
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Stay tuned for the other lessons.

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