How to Keep Joy in the Game of Life

Three World Series College Softball Champs believe that the joy in the game does not come from a win and trophy, but from being “at home in Christ.”

A sports Interviewer asks the World Series Softball Champs this question, “How do you keep the joy in the game during a long season and amidst all the pressure?

Their answers and insights are encouraging and inspiring.

Oklahoma teammate, Grace Lyons set the direction and tone of the interview by making a distinction between joy and happiness from her point of view.

“The only way you can have a joy that doesn’t fade away is in the Lord. The only other type of joy is really happiness which comes from circumstances and outcomes.”

She goes on to say, “Joy in the Lord is also the only way to keep you motivated and maintain a positive mindset regardless of the outcomes.” Softball has too much failure and is a rollercoaster of wins and losses to give you lasting joy.

Jayda Coleman adds to Grace’s answer and explains how “You can’t find fulfillment in an outcome.”

After the win, even though she was so happy they won the college world series, she revealed that she didn’t feel joy and didn’t know what to do the next day or during the next week.

“I didn’t feel filled [as you might imagine you would.] I had to find Christ in that.” She feels that what makes her team so strong is they are not afraid to lose because of serving the Lord.

“It wouldn’t be the end of the world because our life is in Christ and that’s all that matters.”

Teammate Alyssa Brito says their team and coach have latched onto a motto – “Eyes up.”

Alyssa refers to how people might see the team pointing their eyes and fingers upward as in the photo of their win. What “Eyes up”  really means, she says is, “Keep your eyes fixed on Christ.”

From her perspective, her life and her team’s way of playing changed when they were ‘all in’ on their purpose for playing the game.

She relates that softball became something much larger than themselves and the game at hand. “It became an opportunity to glorify God.” Once Jesus was at the center, she personally realized how much she had to live for which was “exemplifying the kingdom.”

Alyssa expands her thoughts by noting that “this is not our home.”

She thinks it is really amazing that they have come to know their home is with Christ.

She sums up and is most excited about the lasting source of the team’s source of joy and the reason for love in their hearts for each other and the game …

“We are looking forward to an eternity of joy with our Father.”


Hymn: To God Be the Glory –





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