Insights and Tools to Tuck in the Back Pocket of Your Mind and Heart and Change Your Life

STOP worrying about what might happen

START creating what you want to have happen

Get the tools you need for the life you imagine for you (and your family)

We help Moms, just like you, transform their lives and discover how they are uniquely designed to create a life they desire with their magnificent mind, heart and soul.

We teach you a heritage of life tools and coach you on how to face its challenges with more joy and less struggle. You will design a life that matters for you, your family, the next generation and so forth.

You might have found your way here because…

You want to get clear on what’s important especially when you have a thousand details on your plate and are afraid of losing yourself in trying to keep up

You’re looking for resources to build a foundation of character and values to give your kids and grand kids so they grow up to be good people who are kind, respect others and feel capable of handling what life brings.

And, on a deeper level, you know there is more to life than eating, sleeping and working. You have questions and seek answers.

You’re at a point in your life that requires a leap of faith and want support and inspiration to trust enough to put your hand in God’s and let Him lead the way.

You found your way here for different reasons – but you share a common challengehow to adapt to transitions especially in uncertain times

That’s why we begin here …

 9 Lessons I Learned from Mom on How to Do Life and Meet Transitions with Grace

What you will receive 

    9 Lessons and Life Tools PLUS Workbook

Day 1

Spark motivation and sustain momentum.  

Have the inspiration you need when discouragement sets in to design the change you seek using the power of your mind and imagination.

Over-come the overwhelm of not knowing what to do next by applying a clarifying decision-making, emotion-releasing tool.

Ease your mental, emotional and spiritual wear and tear.

Day 2

Stop delaying your good and start making way for the miracles which can be yours.

Stress-less and energize mind -body with “7 Breaths.”

Lighten your burden with “It’s only extra” Quick-Check list.

Day 3

Break through the emotional log jam and regain flow and energy.

Repair situations causing regret.

Practice lifting using “Cloud Continent of Light” treatment.

Stoke the flame of your desire.

Replenish – 9 Life Design Tips Integration

How you will receive the material

On Days 1 through 3 you will receive 9 Life Lessons delivered in three (3) separate emails, two days apart.

You will be asked to download or print your BONUS Workbook and refer to it throughout.

Each day you will be prompted to turn to specific pages in the Bonus Workbook and receive LIFE TOOLS to apply that day’s life lesson(s) to your life on “how to do life” and meet transitions with grace.


I’m Nana to two beautiful granddaughters, Kaileigh and Elisa.

It is my prayer they learn how to balance love and wisdom and to create beauty in their lives by applying discipline, assuming personal responsibility and seeking truth in all things.

It is my vision that  Nana Says Studio helps to pave the way by offering foundational life tools like these so you are able to create a joyful and meaningful life that matters for you and your family.

The insights and “how to do life” tools you will be receiving are informed by Dr. Edna Lister’s seminal thinking which has made a difference in the lives of many throughout the world. Click here to learn more in our ABOUT section

Her work forms my best thoughts and ideas. It is my joy to share them with you.

Begin now…the lessons, tools and workbook are yours!