9 Lessons on How to Meet Transitions with Grace – Lesson 2


Lesson 2

It rarely looks like you think it will.

One day Mom said, “You know you think about how this part of your life will look, and when it gets here, you think, it doesn’t look anything like what I thought.” and we laughed.

We dream, plan, and pray for how we want life to be. And yet, when someone talks about their mate, lover, career, book or a work of art; invariably, we hear the refrain, “If someone told me this is how it would look at the beginning, I would tell them they were crazy!”

A person whom I know well tells the story of being told she was going to have one large boy! An expert opinion from her OBGYN, not from tests. Secretly she really wanted a girl, happy with a boy of course, but since she had three brothers … well, you get it.

Upon the delivery table, the baby’s head crown and she waited for the magic moment – Surprise, it was a girl!!! She was so excited. Then the nurse said, “Oh my, she’s so small and with that whisked her to the incubator.”

 In tears, the new mom barely comprehended what the doctor said as he put his hand on her arm and said, “Oh, that’s okay honey there’s another one!!!”

 Another one?? Yes, another one. So she pushed and pushed, baby’s head crowned. You guessed it – ANOTHER GIRL!

 That mom was me. The lessons learned about change and life’s curveballs were …

  • You often don’t think it will happen to you.
  • You only imagine you are in control.
  • It often doesn’t look like you think it would.
  • Rarely, do you ever feel fully prepared – even when it’s the best news.

So how might you use this in your life?

 Consider reviewing the times in your life when you thought you knew exactly what you wanted and how you thought “it”, whatever “it” was, should look.

 Then note the times when it actually showed up nothing like you thought– but way better than anything you could have ever imagined.

 From that, you could realize that your view is so much narrower and limited than God’s.

 You might increase your willingness to trust that when you put your hand in God’s and get out of His way, He does make a way. And, what’s really good news, most likely you will experience far less tension, overwhelm, and anxiety than trying to control the way you think it should be!

 “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” – Proverbs 3:6, KJV.

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