You Make A Greater Difference Than You Know


You make more of a difference than you know and teach others by example how they might live their lives.

This is one of the main messages imparted at a celebration of life service for a young person who ended her life too soon.

Several friends began their remembrances with the observation that this person just didn’t realize what an impact she made on the lives of others.

A young woman told of how, when she was new at a job, this person sent her a note telling this young woman how blessed she was to have learned from her and how special she considered herself to be assigned to her.

She said, “That note was to let ME know I made a difference to her. She never realized how much SHE made a difference to me. By taking the time to reach out, she gave me the encouragement to do even better every day.”

An employer told us that this person gave her all, all the time. “She was the first one there, the last to leave.

Anything we asked her to do, she did, did it well, and went above and beyond. You can’t have a better employee than that! Her positive spirit was something to be reckoned with!”

People remembered her ability to make you feel instantly like family and a best friend.

She took a girl with some challenges under her wing and spent a lot of time encouraging her which enabled the girl to get stronger and stronger.

A new business owner shared a time when he wondered how he could spread the word about his new shop. He said, “She was a light! I shouldn’t have worried. She engaged her family and friends and made it happen. All because of her big heart!”

Making you feel like you are the most important person in the world was another gift remembered by others.

A man related that when she spoke to you she was there totally focused on you. He recalled, “She just instantly accepted you, cared about you, and did what she could to help you.”

A family member wisely observed that this young person gave us an “assignment of sorts” and it is the reason for today’s blog.

“Ever since this young woman was on this planet, she was the first to volunteer, was excited to try new things, got involved with gusto, and gave her best.

“We in the family always said, ‘She’ll change the world’ and she wanted to change the world. While she won’t have the opportunity to do that in this lifetime; we, who are here and others we tell, can make a difference. We can give our best, help others and thus change our worlds.

“Remember, whether you realize it or not, whether you see it or not, whether someone tells you or not, you make a difference to so many. Just know that. Your life matters. Keep this in your hearts.”

And so it is. A perfect message in celebration of a life that made a difference, for those in attendance, for us, and for those with whom we share. And share we may – it can make all the difference.


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