Witnessing Love in Action


Three true stories show how the power of love heals, unifies, strengthens, and nourishes.

 Love heals.

A mother talks about how her youngest son is a miracle child.

He wandered away to the neighbors one day when he was eighteen months old. Somehow he got through the fence they erected to keep people out and fell into their pond.

When the parents found him, he was blue from being underwater – they didn’t know for how long. 

The child only showed a faint pulse when medics arrived at the pond, but the child was not breathing.  Hospital test results didn’t offer much hope.

Strong in their faith and love for God, they prayed and others prayed for them.

Someone, she doesn’t know who as she doesn’t do social networking, put a prayer request on Facebook.  People all over the world were praying for their son.

The doctors warned them that if he survived he would have many potential issues physically and mentally.

An MRI was ordered to detect the amount of brain damage – miraculously the results came back normal.

The child woke up from a drug-induced coma and lived.

He not only lived, but in three days, he was running around as though nothing had happened.

The doctor called it a miracle.

He said there is no other way their son could make this kind of recovery without something else going on. The father said, make no mistake, that something else is the one true God.

A television station wanted to do a story about the miracle.

The family said only if you give glory to God.

Their love and faith in God paved the way for a miracle and their love for each other creates a strong bond of love that shows every day in small and large ways.

 Love nourishes and is joyful.

A mom and her daughters played at the local park with laughter and joy.

Fully clothed the girls got soaked in the spraying water splashes that popped up from the ground and from buckets that emptied from on top of poles.

The girls got their mom from the sidelines.

They lovingly urged her into the water, kidding her, nudging her. They did so with respect, really wanting her to join them to share in their fun.

She laughed, resisted, and, then, looked at their happy faces and gave in.

Their faces lighted up as their mom allowed them to lead her. Huddled together laughing they got soaked in the bucket dumps.

It was a small moment, but significant.

Love shared spontaneously and their mom’s willing participation will be a time they’ll “remember when” mother and daughters were close in joyful play during a summer’s afternoon at the park.

Love unifies and strengthens.

An older gentleman and woman enter the hospital elevator. She uses a cane and anxiety shows on her face.

Her husband holds her hand and helps her maneuver the cane as they shuffle into a safe position.

She draws in a big breath as though preparing for what might come.

He moves closer, pats her hand, and puts his arm around her.

Our attention is drawn to them and silently we witness their love, palatable in the elevator’s close space.

When she looks at him again, he tells her no matter what happens, they will get through this together.

Their love unifies them in a strong bond that is unquestionably supportive and beautiful to witness.

 These stories are wonderful reminders of the power of love, and how it heals, creates supportive bonds, and nourishes and sustains us.  

May His love bless you and may your love be given lavishly to others and theirs to you on this day and always.

This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.” – John 15:12, KJV

“And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.” – 1 John 4:16, KJV.


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