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Today’s post is a bit different but hopefully useful.

A good while back, I gathered input from people at work about how they could bring more “soul at work.” They each of course interpreted this in different ways, but the commonality was first to consider what they individually could do.

Keep in mind this is years ago, but with all the previous COVID issues, short staff, and compromised service,  if one of these is of value, it is worth sharing 🙂

Soul at Work Practices from Workplace Workers

  • Remind yourself that we are connected in heart and are all on the same journey—we need to help each other.


  • Keep a gratitude journal at work. List three things each day that you are grateful for. It can create miracles.


  • Start a random act of kindness chain at work. You do something for someone and ask them to do something for someone else. It can transform the office.


  • Create a business card with a title that would represent your higher purpose at work and in life.


  • Allow freedom for expressions of love and understanding of your fellow men and women.


  • Encourage expressions by employees concerning areas that they are deeply involved in. Here I’m thinking about personal causes that may involve being part of some community group.


  • Bring more of your personality/soul to work by designing interoffice memos—with pictures, graphics, or words.


  • Give feedback often, especially appreciation for the person as well as the actions.


  • Express concern for each other as people: How are your kids doing? Did your husband get that job? Are you well enough to come to work tomorrow?


  • At meetings, begin with positive visualizations.


  • Send an inspiration E-mail or voice mail each morning.


  • Speak OUT LOUD with your appreciation and gratitude.


  • Discover something of beauty each day and share it with others.


  • Find something to laugh about each day and share it with fellow workers.


  • Thank yourself for what you did today.


  • Create a screen saver with an inspirational saying or personal affirmation that supports your soul growth.


  • Hang with people who support your growth.


  • Volunteer for some work that you support—Make a Wish Foundation.


  • Explore by reading and talking with folks, opposite views from you.


  • Practice disclosing feelings along with thoughts.


  • Admit your mistakes and avoid always having to be right.


  • Look people in the eye and see if you can initiate a more soulful connection.


  • Go to the playground and watch kids play. Engage in joyful activities—skip rope, swing, laugh, pray, dance, sing, act, whatever lifts your spirit.


  • Sing out loud even if you have a less-than-perfect voice.


  • Start a prayer chain for people who need extra help for putting light on the darker places of the world.


  • Whenever you see/hear negative—give it to God for healing.


  • Envision all the people you meet and know as “children of God” for just one day at a time.






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