Play Forward the Joy of Making a Difference

                                                                                                                                                                                              SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSONS

Take the time to make a difference on a daily basis and realize meaning, joy, and inspiration.

I learned the other day that a very special woman I knew and who made a big difference in my life recently passed.

I share a few of her life lessons in her honor so that the difference she made in my life, might make a difference in your life and to those you know and so forth and so on in the circles of our lives.

She “passionately loved” her children.

That did not mean she smothered them; instead, she gave them reign to explore and examine and to make their own mistakes.

When they did make mistakes, as we all do, her constant expression was – “I don’t know  – What am I going to do with you?” Her children’s eyes would brighten because they knew her next answer – “ I guess I’ll just have to keep you and love you forever.”

I remember thinking at the time what a difference that must have made to her kids. They knew they were constantly loved and she wasn’t going anywhere – even when they did something they shouldn’t have.

When we had a discussion about choosing a life partner, she suggested making a list of all the things I loved about my female best friend and what made that relationship so easy.

She encouraged me to apply that knowledge in choosing a mate – You should feel that comfortable, that loved and that supported.

Another time, we both were experiencing a really positive time in our lives –  personally and professionally. We pondered why, when everything was going so well, we felt anxious. She suggested – Change is change – we go through the acceptance cycle whether positive or negative. She was so right!

But perhaps my fondest memory and best advice happened when I knew someone who I just didn’t trust and wondered if there were reasons I shouldn’t.

She said about trusting my intuitionExplore, examine and test it and then trust it. RememberYou know what you know. You see what you see, and you feel what you feel.

Linda lived her life with the intent to make a difference and do something good for someone every day.

When we do and come from love, we know joy in serving.  Then our life is enriched with meaning, and we are inspired and motivated to do more and continue to grow.

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