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Grandmother Food

Christmas stories happen everywhere even at the check-out counter of a local grocery store. You know you can recognize the “Santa-in-Plain-Clothes-Ho-Ho-ers, they flash a hundred-watt smile and exude an upbeat attitude that infuses the air around them.”  Their cheerfulness invites you and includes you in their circle of warmth. That’s the way it was for …

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Real Connection at Risk

We may be able to surf the world on the web from our phones and iPads, but living and real connection to God and others, are not found through the addiction of looking down at electronic screens. Three examples show how screen addiction “screens” living and connection. A boy, about nine, and his sister, between …

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Miracle Alterations

A simple errand reveals a miracle and reminds us of the power of faith and prayer. My friend sought alterations to hem her clothes. The seamstress was celebrating her new space and told us how this happened to be. With very little notice, she had to suddenly vacate her old location, she said, due to …

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