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Tending Growth

This year’s garden harvest consists of zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, blackberries, and peaches as well as bright, cheery flowers still blooming. My gratitude overflows looking at the beauty and partaking of the bounty. It is indeed a feast, captured in this photo. Looking at the picture of this wonderful harvest, memories come of some challenges in …

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How to Keep Joy in the Game of Life

Three World Series College Softball Champs believe that the joy in the game does not come from a win and trophy, but from being “at home in Christ.” A sports Interviewer asks the World Series Softball Champs this question, “How do you keep the joy in the game during a long season and amidst all …

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Art in the Park

SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSONS Not a new insight, but an insight refreshed upon returning home after two days at the festival . . . All sorts of vendors crafted and sold their wares at a local art festival. “Art” was fashioned from metal, wood, cloth, and yarn. Some art was made of photos, oils, watercolors, and …

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