Before Creating Peace, Sometimes You Must Face “War”


 Lesson 6 – Before you create peace, sometimes you must face “war.”

Lessons I Learned from Mom on Meeting Transitions with Grace

Unresolved issues in life and relationships can cause barriers, internal conflict, and a heavy heart, especially during life reviews in transitions.

Mom gradually let go of many expectations and disappointments, which many accumulate in life in one way or another, with forgiveness and acceptance during her transition.

A shift in perspective happened when she realized her desire to be free was greater than the reasons and the effort it took to hold on. An excellent lesson for living.

She reached out to us with her messages about life.

Love she thought was the enduring quality. Sharing her perspective was a way of turning whatever barriers might have been into bridges.

Unfinished business is difficult to face

that is why it’s frequently unfinished– there is something that needed attending to in our past and is still on our plate now.

Courage is needed to face the “war within,” the conflict within us, and the conflict between us before we have a chance at creating peace.

Consider facing conflict as you go.

 Unresolved conflicts have a tendency to come out sideways in undesirable ways. Tending to them sooner keeps discontent and unrest from zapping our vitality and joy.

Peace and love can flourish when we choose compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. – Matthew 5:9, KJV


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