The Magic of Bloom

Nana Says, bloom from seeds and pods is so magical and mystical. What looks like nothing blooms into beauty. This speaks to God’s possibilities for when we are toiling, digging, struggling, doubting, taking a hard look at ourselves it is good to be re-minded of the bloom.

It is also good to be a witness for someone and say, “Ah, but look what this will become. Keep going!” Or as a very wise friend said to me once (paraphrasing) – You may not believe this can be now, but right now, know that this is true. I have enough faith for the both of us.

All sorts of sunshine, water and nutriments make things grow in any season – Perennials of Compassion, Love and Light.

Nana Says is about growth UPward bound, reaching for more “sunshine in our souls” and learning how to do life with more joy and less struggle.

This site is for both “grown ups” and kids – but I’ll share the poem that popped into my mind some time ago while the seeds for Nana Says were germinating –

Teach them well the children fair that hearts in love open, bodies strong in health grow and minds and souls inspired soar upward bound to God.

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