Move Past the Blindness of Opinion and See Positive Opportunities


Are You Letting Opinion Blind You to Positive Opportunities?

Opinions about ourselves and others can blind us and keep us from opportunities and potential miracles that show up right in front of our eyes.

Was there ever a time when you misjudged a person or situation because they didn’t look like you thought they should?  

Have you ever prayed for a miracle and, when it came into your life, you didn’t realize it?

Most of us can say at one time or another we have experience situations like this.

Jesus healed three blind men in the Bible in Jericho, Bethsaida, and Siloam who were physically blind.

We learn in life that we may need healing from a different kind of blindness. Blindness we need healing from can be the opinions and prejudices we hold about ourselves and others.

Two very simple examples show how this plays out in everyday life.

A man dreamed of owning a large sailboat and creating a business of teaching people to sail and taking them out for cruises.

His father told him to stop creating pipe dreams and get a respectable job. The man got a family-acceptable job as a manager in healthcare but continued to dream and pray about this other life.

In summers he vacationed on the eastern shore and sailed.

On one trip, he was offered a great deal on a sailboat and the opportunity to pick up some customers from a person who was retiring. Entrenched in his family’s opinion that he needed a “real job,” he passed up the opportunity to pursue his dream.

After way too many unhappy years, he finally broke through his idea that his respectable job was something he had to do.

He sold all his stuff, bought a sailboat, and began his business and wished he had done this years ago.

In the second example, a woman sought a particular item for her house.

Due to having a smaller vehicle which made transport a financial and logistical issue, she prayed that the item would be found, right around the corner.

The item came up for sale, and as we desired, was right around the corner.

She decided against the item, however, because the size of the item wasn’t exactly as she had pictured it.

At the time, she was unwilling to accept the form in which her miracle appeared. Later, she realized what a perfect choice it was!

Our opinions can blind us from the truth and opportunities.

They can limit our sight and our receptivity to God’s plans and miracles.

Our faith can “make us whole.”

 Our lives become better when we get out of God’s way by surrendering our opinion on how things SHOULD BE and our resistance to the way things CAN BE.

When we have faith that He has a greater vision than we and knows better than we do, we avoid being blinded to positive opportunities that might come our way.


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