Lesson 9 on Meeting Transitions with Grace – Replenish!


Integrating the nine lessons of “What I Learned from Mom about Meeting Transitions” will help you move through transitions and replenish your heart, mind, and soul.

The gift of transitions is that the process nudges us, sometimes more forcibly than others, to UNplug from the world and PLUG INTO a higher perspective which helps us to gain perspective, connect the dots, and discover what matters most.

 During significant transitions, we often see things in a new light

 If we’re willing to listen to God, to the still small voice within, we gain insight and clarity. Then we find the courage to let go of things that no longer serve God and us.

Think of the number of times we hear people say, “The good news is that during this time, I realized that this __________(fill in the blank) was important.

Insight and wise choices require active listening.

The acronym, STOP came into my thoughts during one of my transitions. It stands for Significant Tuning-In Opportunities to Pause and ponder.

In the thick of it all, we resist taking time out, somehow feeling the world will dissolve without our attention LOL. Consider rethinking that taking “time out” is taking “time in” – time spent with God and listening to your heart and soul.

Thinking we have “arrived” mutes the initiative to continue growing.

Don’t wait until you imagine you will have arrived. While we might achieve milestones, we don’t permanently “arrive” if we are continually growing.

Make most of the “in-betweens.”

In between here to there on your way to the next step in your life, take the time to notice the beauty and bounty of the “in-betweens.”

Try checking in to stay true to your course and frequently ask, “Is where I am headed where I want to go? Does it align with what’s important?”

Consider applying “9 Lessons I Learned from Mom” to replenish and recharge you as you move through the transitions of your life.

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