Kick Up Your Heels in Joy

Does how you move and what you think make a difference in how you feel? We’re betting it can!

I observed people at the city park recently during one of these wonderful, sunny fall days and noticed how people moved, in particular this little girl and boy.

While adults moved at a measured pace, the children’s steps were quick and light as they scampered in delight and giggles to catch the falling leaves pirouetting to the ground.

The comparison of the children’s attitudes and movement to the adults who had seen many leaves fall and feet who had walked more miles was stark.

Do we have to lose that child-like wonder and lilt in our steps?

Fast forward to another scene of a little girl at Dunkin Donuts. Dressed in a leotard, dance skirt, and tap shoes, she repeatedly jumped up and down trying to peer out around her mom and up over her mom’s arm so she could see the selections.

Brimming with enthusiasm, the little girl with dance flare, ducked and turned under her mom’s arm and shuffled-ball-changed (a tap dance step) swinging her arms wide from side to side on her way to the counter.

Once there she raised up on tippy toes and then lowered her heels, then raised up again and lowered her heels – perpetual motion!

At the time I noted how her happiness from within propelled her and made her step and her presence light and joyful.

From time to time have physical limitations, however, there are many more times when our “limitation” is focusing on that physicality.

Consider instead, taking just one step forward, adopting a child-like-wonder view of life, and finding miracles in the smallest things – like the swirl, color, and dance of falling leaves.

We’re betting we’ll feel lighter and brighter!

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” –Psalm 118:24, KJV.


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