What can I do?

Our eyes land on a lot of darkness and heaviness in these uncertain times, on-line, in TV programming and in books and e-zines. I’ve heard people say, “It’s all so overwhelming!” After a shrug of shoulders comes the question – but what can I do? I am told this feeling of helplessness is especially strong in tweens, teens and young adults.

The good news is you can do something to ward off the heaviness and darkness, even the criticism and  “internet swarms” of attack from people whose viewpoints different from your ideas expressed in a post. This solution requires you believe that something greater than yourself can handle this and that you trust He can take care of it. He is of course, God!

Sometimes it is not easy to reach up, when you feel down. Yet, ever noticed that when you forget to go to God first, some event happens in your life – after you’ve run around crazy-like trying to figure it out on your own? At some point, you finally become exasperated and throw up your hands and say, “Enough! I don’t want to do this anymore.” Or you acknowledge that you really don’t know what to do and you run out of ways to control what’s happening. Then you either give it up <or> you give up. Many people can attest that it’s better to give it UP to God – He can do something about it.

You will find it easier to turn it over to God’s care sooner than later (whatever that “it” may be- a friendship, a partner, a hurt, a physical, emotional or mental condition, or world issues)  when you re-mind yourself He did create the universes and He performed and performs miracle after miracle on a minute by minute basis. When you look Up and think UP, you notice them and discover God’s possibilities are always bigger than your own!

So what is it we can do? Speak the Word. It is a powerful life tool. You can speak these two declarations in just six seconds — “This is good! Let there be Light!”

What good will these two simple statements do, you might think? Actually a lot! When you say, “This is good,” imagine putting the issue on a cloud continent of Light and lifting it UP to God for His care. See whatever or whoever it is as good and very good and declare it good – use-able- for God. When you say, “Let there be Light,” you are asking for Light to move through the issue. When the light moves through, know that as Edna Lister tells us, eventually the Power of the Light will make everything right. Light has the power to melt and dissolve anything negative and let GOOD be.

The very good news about declaring, “This good. Let there be Light!” is…

It takes 6 seconds –  it’s always doable.

It pleases God, He loves us to ask, to take what we offer and pour Light upon it.

Eventually your lifting lightens your load. Whenever your issue comes back into your mind, lift it again! Repeat This is Good. Let there be Light! as many times as needed. Eventually, you’ll notice one day, the issue is gone or it doesn’t bother you as it once did.

You become more receptive and have more room for new ideas because you’ve gotten rid of what was taking up mind space and creating internal static and chatter.

By going to God first and speaking the Word, we do our part; then, as the songs goes, “He can make a way where there seems to be no way.”

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