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Opportunities for life lessons abound that teach us and help us grow.

A family passed by my booth at the festival yesterday. Their youngest daughter, probably about nine, looked at the display of books. She saw one she liked. Pointing, she exclaimed, “I want this one.”

Both parents smiled realizing that the opportunity for a lesson might be at hand. The father asked, “Did you bring your allowance money?”

The daughter replied, “Oh, no, I forgot it. I left it at home.”

One choice might have been to front the money and the daughter could pay them back. After all, some might say, she wanted a book, not a piece of candy or trinket.

But, another choice was made, and a harder lesson was realized.

The Dad said, “I am glad that you found something you liked. We did, however, just get through talking about the value of taking personal responsibility.” He referred to how, in this case, it was her responsibility to remember her money. It was not someone else’s task to remind her.

The daughter looked up recalling and then nodded her head and agreed that they had talked about responsibility. Now, here she was without her allowance, and due to her actions, was without the choice to get what she wanted.

She walked forward, stopped, and then stepped back pointing to the book. “I do want this book though. I’ll have to remember to bring my money.” And then caught up with her parents.

Interestingly, the book the daughter wanted happened to be about doing the right thing and assuming personal responsibility.

Kudos to the parents who seized the moment and assumed their responsibility to stand by their values which brought the lesson home.

God is good and He loves us so. He provides us with small and large opportunities to learn and grow every day.

May we praise Him for these lessons and allow the learning, remaining receptive to each opportunity as we grow closer to God.

“For every man shall bear his own burden.”Galatians 6:5


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