Mute the Noise – Create Peace and Quiet

Nana Says, one of those busy days . My sleep patterns needed tweaking so to that end, I got up at 3:30 Mt Time and by nine, had: cleaned my oven, swept my floors, sprayed outside for wasps and hornets (or rather was schooled on how to LOL) , washed outside windows in the back of house, swept out the garage and front porch and walk and made a couple of phone calls.

Up until now a night person, I would travel for work and have to catch a flight at 5 am — during my drive I noticed all this traffic on the road and thought — who would choose to get up, as a friend says, at “o’dark thirty” !!

Well, whether you are night or day person, my hope is you create the space in your life when the world’s noise is muted a bit and enjoy the quiet, know peace and give thanks! Some of the best creative work is done in space without the world’s static.

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