Missing “Home”


To many God is home.

One of my daughters experienced, with some regularity as a child, an odd missing feeling. When asked what was wrong, she said she couldn’t really explain it, but she felt homesick. And, no, she did not know why.

Could it be that she remembered her real home and missed it?  If so, she would not be alone.

Many tell of experiencing this missing and how it initiated a seeking for something ‘more.’

This missing could be why many resonate with The Wizard of Oz and why it has become such a classic.

We, like Dorothy, might have yearned for an earthly Oz where people and places are perfect and a Wizard is capable of doing anything and knowing all things.

A line from the Jerry McGuire movie furthered this idea, when he said to his love interest, “You complete me.”

People continued the search for what they imagined completed them– a partner, an ideal career, money, position, property, and even family and friends.

And while all these can be good, we come to know that there is no wizard out here, but there is so much more, the one and only God.

At various stages of our lives, an interesting dynamic takes place. Through our desire to grow and the discontent that comes with that, we can seek again for things in the world.

It is then we might come to a deeper understanding of something we already know –  turning to God and his Love is always the answer, and following the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ brings us HOME.

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